Chichi Nwaorie

Chichi Nwaorie


Chichi Nwaorie is a sweaty enthusiast and 1/2 of the dynamic duo that is Sweatwork HTX. From a humble journalism degree to present day personal trainer and certified Lagree instructor she is all about living, loving and writing about the sweaty life! 

A born and bred Houstonian and first-generation American from a large Nigerian family; health, wellness and community has always been a staple in Chichi’s life.  Whether playing high school sports and helping friends get in shape, slinging yoga pants and building community at your neighborhood lululemon athletica to managing and consulting for elite boutique fitness brands she is known for her ability to wear many hats.

A note from Chichi:

Hey people! Chances are you’re here about your desire to make the move to fitness, either part-time or full. You’re a badass who knows what you want and relishes the challenge to get it done. Well you’re in good company and we have the information, connections and motivation to get you there.  Sweatwork is a business that is dynamic, relevant, sustainable, fun and fuels the holistic growth of ourselves and the world. We are the catalyst for creating a community that fuels conversation. Conversation that fuels action. Action that fuels results.  WE ARE THE SWEAT LIFE.