Ride The Virtual Movement Wave

Published June 3rd, 2020 by Sweatworkhtxadmin

In the words of our business coach “the wave is here ladies”. 

The challenge and change to the brick and mortar fitness offering is here in full force people. Our community has found new ways to tackle their “normal” workout routine by going virtual. I know change is a drag and basically uncomfortable. Not to mention developing your unique brand niche and persona as an instructor is tough in general. It’s even more difficult when you factor translating that persona on a virtual platform. 

But you were made to pursue your passions and a little...or a lot of discomfort can't stop you. Despite the difficulty you are ready. Your potential in this moment is enormous, all you need now is a little push in the right direction. So here are some tangible steps to get you started and motivated to grow your personal fitness brand. 


With our business I am constantly stuck in the planning phase and Meg is more an action taker. She’s a big believer in the power of taking action first and worrying about “perfection” later. Whereas I love a nailed down checklist and plans on top of plans. Sometimes if you are not careful your planning can get in the way of the process. Imperfect action makes things happen.

If you are a planner, like me and you find yourself stuck at the planning phase, seldom rolling into any sort of action, it’s time to do two things. First, set deadlines for yourself and stick with them. And second, identify the first thing on your list and if that first task is too big, break it down.

Get started. Take action and be okay with imperfection. Create the workout. Share your promo. Shoot the video. It's in the imperfection, not always the planning, that the process is refined and you become a pro.


Remember, the biggest and most unique thing you have to offer the virtual community is you. Your skills. Your training. Your experience. Try honing in on and choose, at first, one part of your fitness format offering that you are passionate about, such as cardio, a strong core, or toned upper body. For me, it's all about strong glutes and legs, so every workout routine I offer, whether it’s Lagree or online personal training has a foundation in targeting your lower body.  

That goes for your fitness concept too! You may find yourself drawn to one concept, such as spin or dance versus yoga or lifting. Lean into whichever one excites you rather than what’s presently popular. Your passion towards your calling is what calls out to the community. That’s what draws in your tribe.   

Focus your energy, efforts and marketing into making your personal spin on the concept exceptional, and then once you have a handle on it, build from there.


Say it with me consistency is key! You have heard the saying “if you build it they will come”? Well let’s put a newer spin on it: if you build it, tell the right people, nurture it in a persistent, targeted, and specific way and constantly create an unforgettable format that they can't ignore they will come. Okay so yes it’s a lot longer but try it out and watch it work. 

Creating consistency in your online offering is important. Your community wants to know that they can count on you, build their weekly or daily calendar around you. After all you are going to become a part of their everyday life and that is no small thing. Practicing consistency is one of the biggest practices to ensure a successful virtual business. 

Challenge yourself to write down in specific terms what you will do in the next seven days to begin your virtual training offering. Get that checklist down and then get to work. Create hard deadlines and lean on your community to hold you accountable. Post on your social media, share with family and friends, put it out into the world. 


Like I mentioned before it's an imperfect process, so trust the evolution and your ability to adjust as needed. Humans are designed to adapt to surroundings. Your current environment and the vast knowledge you have acquired over your life is being put to work right now exactly where you are.  So feel free to release some of the pressure on yourself to have all the answers.  


You're undoubtedly going to have tons more questions on how to navigate this growing platform. And the list of your peers wading into the virtual waters with you is growing exponentially. So how do you know where to invest your time in a virtual training offer before you even launch?

How do you find time or make time to work on your offering at the beginning? Should you start with a website or a social media account or creating content to advertise? Where can you find clients other than word of mouth? How can you stay organized from day one? We love answering all these questions. Book a one on one consultation with us today and let us help you get closer to your calling and passion.  

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