Our COVID-19 Community Response

Published May 28th, 2020 by Sweatworkhtxadmin

Recently, Sweatwork HTX hosted virtual happy hours catered towards the Houston fitness community. We’re exhilarated and encouraged by the Houston Fitness community ability to exhibit perseverance, innovation, a willingness to embrace change and their commitment to creating community even at a distance.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 2.7 billion people have been affected by lockdowns, stay-at-home benchmarks and now reopening guidelines. Fitness studios around the country are adjusting to the new reality. This sudden shift has inspired creativity and flexibility for gyms, studios, instructors and their clientele, which were largely dependent on physical locations and on-site staff.

These changes iterate the importance of responding strategically, the necessity to plan for the future and instill confidence back into the fitness community and global industry. From programming versatility, staff logistics and morale, managing rent and developing new marketing strategies and safety protocols, all these areas demand our intellectual muscles. Your business solution efforts should provide brand clarity and consistency, and an emphasis on community that facilitate imparting confidence in your brand services and offerings.

We see three phases that all resilient leaders will continue to face amid the COVID-19 outbreak:


What no longer fits? How does my current brand model limit my ability to serve my community? How does my current business model inspire confidence among my staff, clientele and larger community? What can I add/eliminate to clarify and highlight my brand’s unique offering. 


What trends are gaining traction as the community adjusts to the new normal? What is my brand's unique response? 


What definitive and consistent steps are necessary to grow my brand’s ability to attract a community. How can I ensure my existing clientele feels supported and a strong sense of community while addressing new habits post CoVID? 

Answers to these questions help businesses and brands redefine their resources and set the direction to thrive in the continued aftermath of the pandemic. Despite the challenging path that lies ahead leaders should begin with a sense of priorities and direction for their future. Our discussions with Houston’s fitness leaders highlighted a major point: It's never been clearer on the importance of brand identity, image, and awareness.  So what can Sweatwork HTX offer the fitness community in light of the evolving and changing landscape? 

First we will continue to share our insights on how to approach industry and community recovery strategies, support business leaders and their brands, and lead the front lines of local industry innovation.  Sweatwork HTX’s Proven Methodology provides businesses and brands with a clear, consistent guide to navigating and thriving in these uncertain times. 

We are committed to providing fitness leaders, businesses and brands the tools they need to succeed. The resilience and adaptability of our friends and family, city and the amazing individuals who make up the fitness ecosystem is what creating community is all about. 

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