Sweatwork HTX is Houston's consulting and networking group for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. We are an innovative collaboration of fitness professionals focused on increasing your business' brand attraction, retention, and conversion.

Our foundation lies in the principle of abundance and the power of like-minded collective thinking. Our services encourage synergistic energy that allows us to discover our passions and help our community. We would appreciate the opportunity to partner with your business.

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At Sweatwork HTX we aim to drive community over competition from a mindset of abundance. SHTX proven methodology provides vital resources to drive the culture of your brand forward. We provide COMMUNITY, CONSISTENCY, CONFIDENCE and CLARITY that build sales while delivering sustainable results. We offer a more balanced quality service than many of our competitors. Our consultants specialize in a variety of disciplines, including operations, sales and marketing, technology, and community building.


Studio Owners & Managers | Fitness Instructors | Fitness Instructor Potentials | Fitness/Wellness Entrepreneurs | Wellness Facilities | Fitness Influencers | Fitness Enthusiasts

what our clients say

  • I’ve had the pleasure of being able to participate in several Sweatwork events and can truly say that Sweatwork not only embraces community over competition, but practices it in every form.  Even as a fitness instructor, trying new things can be intimidating, but not with Sweatwork.  

  • Truly fostering and embodying the meaning of community over competition, the ladies behind Sweatwork HTX are the true pioneers of bringing local fitness enthusiasts and professionals together from all over Houston. I have made so many fantastic and meaningful connections attending Sweatwork Events, some which are now among my closest, dearest friends.

  • "I can't say enough wonderful things about Sweatwork HTX. Literally within 2 months of handing over my marketing responsibilities to them, [my studio's] class attendance increased 30% and my social media was completely revamped and so much more consistent"

  • As a fitness instructor, my world has expanded beyond my existing reach with opportunities that would not have been possible without Sweatwork. Bringing together a community of like-minded individuals and breaking down the barriers and walls of competition in the fitness industry is one of the many things they do best.

  • Meg and Chichi go above and beyond to create positive and engaging interactions within the community that challenge you, help you connect better with yourself and others, all while celebrating the unique and beautiful qualities you bring to the table.  There’s nothing better than growing stronger TOGETHER, and that’s what Sweatwork is all about!