Meet our CEO, Meg Ellis. 

Hello, entrepreneurs! (Are you calling yourself that yet?) I’m Meg. I can tell you all about my 10+ years of experience in sales, training, and management. I could tell you how I’ve run small businesses that produce millions of dollars per year only to leave my own 9-5 to chase entrepreneurship. 

OR - I can share what I’ve learned to believe along the way. I’ve learned the reward of taking risks to live your passion. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. I believe in adaptability - don’t stick with the plan, stick with yourself. 

I believe you can create your fate. 

Enter Phoenix 8. The best decision I’ve ever made. Years ago, I began consulting to help entrepreneurs unlock their brand’s potential and opportunities to capitalize on their passion. Since then, I’ve found an amazing team of consultants, designers, marketers, and tech gurus to help with every aspect of business development. 

Entrepreneurship can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time.. If you want some guidance and encouragement, it’s so easy to connect with me! Email me to schedule your consult and let’s create your fate together.

Have an idea but stuck on a few questions? Finding your answer is simple! No admins. No interns. Just an invested conversation with our CEO.

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what our clients say

I thought just because I had started my business years ago that I knew what I was doing when trying to expand. I found myself quickly overwhelmed and in over my head. Meg and her team worked with me and coached me through the entire process of bringing my business to the next level - and they were so friendly and supportive the whole time.